The numbers are in – Right-wing and Left-wing conspiracies

EDIT: Here is a nice infographic made by Best Psychology Degrees

The United States of Conspiracy
Image compliments of Best Psychology Degrees

Public Policy Polling has conducted a nationwide survey in the US asking people about their belief in 20 various conspiracy theories.

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A very interesting thing about this poll is that the respondents were also asked to answer which candidate they voted for in the latest US Presidental election. That means we can see which conspiracy theories are believed in to a greater extent by Right- and Left-wingers, respectively.

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Guest blogger: @freedomviking – What if they’re right?

TFC reader @freedomviking was kind enough to share his thoughts on conspiracy narratives. Follow him on Twitter and enjoy!


Why it’s more dangerous to debunk conspiracies theories than to openly spread them

There first needs to be a definition of “conspiracy theories” in order to determine whether it is dangerous to speak of them. Conspiracy by definition is either “a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful” and “the action of plotting or conspiring.”

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Different levels of conspiracy thinking and how to tackle them

Conspiracy theories have been getting more common due to the Internet, as anyone can see. If you thought that president Reagan was a lizard in disguise, you had to find like-minded people and spread your pamphlets to them or rely on minor radio stations or “ads” in the form of notes pasted to bus stations and lampposts. Today, if you are equally convinced that President Obama is plotting for a Chinese/Masonic/Reptilian takeover of the Republic, you are one google search away from people who are more than willing to confirm your beliefs and act as your personal megaphone.

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Here we go again. Another imminent False Flag Attack – Superbowl XXXXVII

We all made it through 2012 in spite of the many alleged disasters that would fall on us. The London Olympics, the Dark Christmas and of course, the King of all Doomsday events, December 21.

Well, it’s been a month and now another False Flag attack is right around the corner. If you’re thinking about another Youtube video with ominous music, you’re right!

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Poe’s Law

In order to understand the Tinfoil Universe, you should be familiar with Poe’s Law. The Law was named after Nathan Poe who, in 2005, in a debate versus creationists said:

Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is utterly impossible to parody a Creationist in such a way that someone won’t mistake it for the genuine article

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The Illuminati – part 1, who are the Illuminati?

Few groups have the same reputation among conspiracy theorists as do the Illuminati. With it’s trademark Eye of Providence, the group captures the imagination of people who usually aren’t interested in neither conspiracy narratives nor esoteric societies. Although writers like Dan Brown and to a much, much lesser extent (depressingly enough) Robert Anton Wilson have done their part to popularize the Illuminati, the very reason that they could write about the Illuminati rather than any other esoteric society from the 18th century (and these were plentiful) required a certain notoriety on behalf of the Illuminati.

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The best conspiracy links of 2012

Here are the five best links TFC has tweeted about in 2012. If you don’t follow us yet, please do so at @TinfoilCentral

1. What happens when a Prime Minister parodies the movie cliché of an important statemen telling the nation to brace itself for certain doom. Exactly what you would expect, that’s what happens.

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