Here we go again. Another imminent False Flag Attack – Superbowl XXXXVII

We all made it through 2012 in spite of the many alleged disasters that would fall on us. The London Olympics, the Dark Christmas and of course, the King of all Doomsday events, December 21.

Well, it’s been a month and now another False Flag attack is right around the corner. If you’re thinking about another Youtube video with ominous music, you’re right!

The reason that these predictions are so popular is that the Illuminati (or one of their many manifestations) are believed to utilize so called Lesser Magick. That is, in order for their sinister deeds to be as potential as possible, ritualistically speaking, they have to tease and taunt people through dropping little clues here and there. Basically the same modus operandi as super villains ranging from DC Comics to James Bond movies.

And if the things your are looking for include triangles, eyes, “stuff that kinda looks like stuff” (the fancy name is pareidolia) and numerological coincidences, more often than not you will confirm your suspicions. The track record for conspiracy theorists trying to predict future major events is abysmal with 0 hits, even counting near misses. And still, these predictions keep popping up around most if not all major events.

This video has everything from Satanic messages in Superbowl commercials, reptilians and the NWO to the Georgia guidestones and the all-seeing eye. Enjoy!