Guest blogger: @freedomviking – What if they’re right?

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Why it’s more dangerous to debunk conspiracies theories than to openly spread them

There first needs to be a definition of “conspiracy theories” in order to determine whether it is dangerous to speak of them. Conspiracy by definition is either “a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful” and “the action of plotting or conspiring.”

There are two extremes to the understanding of this definition: all conspiracies exist or none of them do.  It would be naïve to think corruption and conspiracies doesn’t exist, but also equally naïve to think everyone is in on it, they call that schizophrenia. Julius Caesar’s assassination was a conspiracy and well documented proven fact of it, so was the gunpowder treason plot, but these are proven ones that no one talks about anymore. The unproven ones are interesting because people really care about proving them, even if official stories exist. Everyone’s heard about the JFK and  9/11 conspiracies, but the deeper you go you hear about crazier ones such as the Hollow Earth theory, reptilians,star gates, moon witchcraft and the Illuminati.

Crazy unproven conspiracies theories are thrilling entertainment because its like a roller coaster, you know its going to be fun but ultimately the story comes back to the same spot where it started – religion.

Seriously, religion is the conspiracy, the biggest one ever and most people believe in it. They will fight to defend it in the name of their respective God(s). If you deliberately go out of your way to debunk a conspiracy or try to dogmatically disprove someones religion, it might result in major retaliation in the name of defending something that is very dear to their heart. You are likely to be attacked if in some places in the world if you show religious dissent.

Will you be attacked if you are trying to prove your conspiracy? This likely depends on the level of involvement, if you hatched the plans to launder money in your bank and you get caught then you’re part of a conspiracy! A real one! Better keep your mouth shut!  But what if you aren’t part of a conspiracy and you are just browsing the Internet for entertainment are you endangered because you clicked “share” or “liked” one too many youtube links? Unlikely, sorry you can remove the tinfoil from your hat and erase the numbers written on the chalkboard, no one will come after you for your knowledge. But what if you are talking to a genuine schizophrenic who has trouble understanding the structure of the English language but enough to know how to google a name then gets really mad at the way you are ignoring the patternicity, flips out and decides to attack you.

Jesse Ventura has a conspiracy theory show on truTV and he interviewed David Icke, the famous reptilian conspiracy pusher but the interview was cut short when Ventura pushed the question

“Do you only do this for the money?”

This enraged Icke, who left the show and never answered the question. Typical response from someone who likes capitalizing on people’s mistrust of a system and seeks truth to people able and willing to tell them anything to comfort them. Is Jesse Ventura equally just trying to make money off misleading people? Probably not, because Ventura talks about real events such as JFK and 9/11 and not false events like the Reptilians or David Wilcock’s Star-Gate Atlantis is real stuff. They charge people to come watch them speak. Alex Jones says he has a large selection of weapons at home to defend his family, do you think its so the Vatican assassins are deterred to show up and tell him the “with us or against us” speech? Absolutely not, he knows that won’t happen.  Even if you are reading this and you believe that the Jesuits Order controls the Rothschild, Morgans and Rockefellers and secretly are Satanic worshipers who use the moon phases and numerology to achieve evil demonic influence towards success, if you truly believe that, do you possibly believe they would respond to every single person accusing them of being Illuminati?  If anything, they read it and laugh. The Rothschild make excellent wine and if I was related to them, you bet your ass I would sit at my château and laugh it up.

If David Icke and Alex Jones earned their money by catering to conspiracy theorists, they are relatively safe! Anyone who is against conspiracy theory thinking will spend their time on the internet debunking conspiracies or willingly paying for a ticket just to debunk people at David Icke events. The danger for the debunker would be an attack from a conspiracy theorist angry about someone debunking or just simply disbelieving that the moon is hollow and a US military base.  Alex Jones routinely raises his voice and yells. He completely lost his temper when he was on the Piers Morgan CNN show and while on his own show he often cuts people off in mid sentence.  Imagine the millions of people influenced by Alex Jones and those that only watch his videos, refuse to read or do their own research and those that may choose to take up his entire persona. Now imagine a Alex Jones follower who is an unstable schizophrenic mental case, has enrolled at your university or visits your library daily and you find yourself in a hot debate over [insert conspiracy theory here]. Imagine, you debunking and incidentally knocking over the last pin in his head by a simple mock: “game over, dude…they won.”

The crazed lunatic immediately attacks you because what does he have to lose? He has nothing to lose! The most reasonable thing to do when it comes to responding to conspiracy theorists is to simply agree with them, listen to their opinion and carefully tread before deciding to debunk.  Equally to the conspiracy theorist, they may choose to be very careful about who they speak about conspiracies to depending on their level of paranoia. Sorry, but the government doesn’t care about your blog or level of knowledge. They are too busy trying to expanding the government, increase your taxes and take away your rights…out in the public…not in secret…

I like to cater to both sides of the raw paw river, so the following is two similar scenarios played out by true or false.

Illuminati has created the matrix, Society today is so controlled that it makes the book 1984 look like pop warner is to the NFL. (I see those light bulb pop up, statist) All major events are staged,  the force in star wars is true and the moon is the tool they use to achieve success to these staged events, as long as they make virgin sacrifices to the Baphomet. Oh and a time machine exists so they can go back in time to prevent botched staged events. That’s what déjà vu is.


If the scenario above is true then its game over, there is absolutely nothing you can do online to change it. Not even a billion likes, shares or comments. Nothing. You might as well embrace your fake shell of a life and believe in something higher than yourself. You’ll never have your questions answered. But since you believe in a conspiracy that wild, believing in just God is totally easier. They even have evidence, a book!

Now ask yourself, who’s more likely to be attacked, someone trying to validate the story or someone trying to debunk it? Anyone trying to spread this conspiracy will be accepted by the ones on the inner circle because they want everyone to know but lose the desire to stop it. If a honest debunker not even near the circle, just finds this story unbelievable, they are more likely to be attacked by a crazed fan of the conspiracy and not the one running it. They won.


If the scenario above is false and you still believe it then its game over for you. You are experiencing delusions and schizophrenia, but good news…the internet loves data! You are free to start a long winded blog on it being true! Many will still believe you because well…religion. No one will deliberately go after you to silence you because there is no conspiracy to cover up. It’s made up! People will still believe in it by the millions! All you have to do is pander to a base and you could be the next Alex Jones.

It’s simply much more dangerous to be an anti-conspiracy theorist the same exact way its more dangerous to be an atheist in a group of dogmatic religious people. You’ll get berated, insulted and patronized if you debunk anyone’s precious conspiracy but if you agree with them, you’ll be celebrated and marked a hero for telling the truth.