The best conspiracy links of 2012

Here are the five best links TFC has tweeted about in 2012. If you don’t follow us yet, please do so at @TinfoilCentral

1. What happens when a Prime Minister parodies the movie cliché of an important statemen telling the nation to brace itself for certain doom. Exactly what you would expect, that’s what happens.

2. A vintage conspiracy theory, depressingly similar to modern day conspiracy theories. Fluoridated water, vaccines and – of course – the Jews

3. “I’m just asking questions” is a popular defense emplyed by tinfoilers. After all, what could be wrong with that? Like, for instance, asking why no one reports on what really killed the dinosaurs, aliens!

4. National Review featured a short but important article about conspiracy theories in the Middle East

5. Conspiracy theories are sometimes harmless and often amusing too. But the increasing prevalence of conspiracy narratives due to the Internet ought to be taken seriously