Trolling 9/11 truthers

Well, we all made it past December 21, 2012. No rapture, no ascension to the 5th dimension, no Nibiru, no Kukulcan in the skies, no NWO takover – nothing.

So that’s it. Since it is now plain to see how flawed conspiracy narratives are, there is little need for this blog anymore. It’s been great writing for you guys and I’d like to thank everyone who…

What? They have already begun making excuses? And blaming others? Well in that case I guess we’re gonna have to keep this up.

I was thinking about writing a longer series of posts about the Illuminati to kick 2013 off. Would anyone be interested in a TFC Feuilleton about the most shadowy of shadowy cabals?

In the meantime, please watch this video about a masterful troll who pokes fun at the so called truther movement.